Monday, April 17, 2017

Diary of a Twinwood Virgin 1940's Summer Dress

So the stitching begins..... I have been researching some great blogs and pinterest pages for inspiration, see links below:
Vintage Dancer - filled to the brim with some fantastic historical info and fashion advice
We Heart Vintage - a look at photography, cinema and fashion,
Chronically Vintage - which is now retired but full of inspiration
birtheweijkamp and idacath - I follow these ladies on instagram stunning fashion styling and vintage inspiration, and
Queens of Vintage - a look book for inspiring ideas on dressing in the vintage style,
Norafinds - Blogger with fantastic a vintage look,

Armed with ideas, I found some great patterns on amazon.  I am not your standard '1940s' build (Size 14 and 6ft tall), so as much as I love vintage clothes, they weren't made with my dimensions in mind!
I found this pattern Vogue Vintage V8811 a simple make for Twinwood.
I've used a pretty poly cotton, fabric with a tiny orange and green print on black.  I would like to try and incorporate this hat but I think it needs a little customising?

As you can see from the pic the body of dress is made, just need shoulder pads and zip inserted, hopefully when completed I will be able to model the finished result!  

To finish I had a very exciting day today, I went to the WW2 event at Crich Tramway museum  now I'm feeling even more inspired, even managed to pick up a killer hat, saw so many beautiful outfits and take pics, which I will share.

Until next time......................Nicky, aka Vera!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Diary of a Twinwood Virgin

So after what I can only described as a horrendous 2016, I decided it was time to make some changes, start doing things I have thought about and really want to do, but not actually got around to.

I have always loved Vintage, fashion, films, repro and antiques, much of my life has been influenced by music from different eras, my nan got me into Glenn MillerNat King ColeVera Lynn when I was really young.  I was hugely influenced by the sixties in my teens when I went through my Mod period,  spending a lot of time on the King's Road, Carnaby Street and The Lanes in Brighton, sourcing outfits and accessories, I use to pride myself on creating exclusive outfits for various events I attended.  In my late teens (early to mid1980's), I started listen to the late sixties early seventies Soul developing a love of Northern Soul travelling all over the country to all nighters, sometimes on my own! I didn't tell my parents until later in life, they said they were glad they didn't know, I would spend Friday nights and Saturday mornings wiping up long skirts and trousers on my sewing machine to team up with the token Fred Perry, ankle socks and flat dance shoes.  

Fast forward to 2017, 2 kids and 2 grand daughters later, living in Derbyshire, made some fab new friends achieving personal and professional goals.  This year on list of things to do and incorporating my love of sewing/crochet and vintage I have purchased tickets for Twinwood 2017 I'm going the whole hog and 'glamping' too.  My biggest challenge is outfits as I hear it is a great opportunity to really go to town with vintage looks, I currently have one outfit a pair of vintage dungarees pattern sourced from ebay, which I love wearing and really enjoyed making, (being nearly six foot find it very difficult to get original vintage clothes to fit)! The challenge is now to put together some outfits that:
  1. Are authentic looking.
  2. Are comfortable to wear.
  3. That make me feel feminine.
  4. Don't need a lot of ironing!
 So I already have a pinterest page of 1940's for inspiration I have looked at previous Twinwood years and am in awe of some of the outfits.  I love vintage knitwear, so many sites to visit, including Susan Crawford Vintage so I may have to include a little crochet vest or twinset.

So watch this space I will share my purchases, patterns and fabric choices but would love feedback and tips.
Until next time.....................Nicky aka Vera!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Henri Blanket Finale 2016

8th Jan 2016
Henri Blanket is finished!  Really happy I decided to go with this edging.

So simple to work too, once you  have crocheted your equal round of dc, you then start the 1dc 1ch combo which when using the two colours creates this lovely stripe.

I used the joining shade for the foundation round but wasn't very happy with the finish so decided early on that I would work a surface crochet chain round to disguise this.  I used the main blanket colour and the lovely zingy yellow, 'really pops'.

Above is the completed edge. Surface crochet to tidy up below.

Ta Da!.......Finally the finished blanket ready for Henry to snuggle, I am delighted with it and if cost effective and of interest should be producing a kit in the future.

Next project the Genevieve Gloves as published in Inside Crochet Issue 46, using up lots of Wool Cotton stash so again may produce another limited kit.