Saturday, January 27, 2018

Early riser Hair Styling!

I decided last night after having watched many a hair dressing tutorial in particular Pin Up Curls, to have a go at, I think it's called... 'a dry set', on my short hair.  With a mix of two parts water and one part setting lotion? (hair styling alchemy), I prepared my hair, squirting the magical ingredient onto my silver locks as I fixed each curler and pin, not sure if I was doing it correctly.  I wrapped a head scarf round to keep it in place and went to bed, dreaming of Audreyesque hair.

Must admit didn't have the most comfortable nights sleep, and this morning like any sane person I was up walking the dogs at 5.30am!!!!!..... I am an early riser, it is the best part of the day, and I did see a fisherman at the pond, so not the only nutter!  However in my household the rest of the family are sleepy Sloths and don't usually rise until 10 am at the weekend, I have learnt stealthy ninja skills in silently wandering around the house, unless I hit a creaky floorboard.

After gathering all the brushes, combs and potions, well I think I have the right ones!  I started un rolling my hair and removing pins........OMG I looked like a grey haired Ronald Macdonald!

I reassured myself that magic can happen, tied a scarf round and took a selfie, hmmm..... daytime hair maybe?

I had a word with myself, "COME ON NICOLA...(Mum used to say Nicola when she was telling me off)... DON'T LET IT BEAT YOU".  I persevered, combing, pinning, taking endless selfies from all angles to try and see what it looked like and came up with this, albeit my first attempt and happy to accept hints and tips?

Starting to look okay, so tried experimenting with flowers and hats.  Versatile, beginning to feel confident, maybe I have learnt some new skills after all.

By 8am I had preened to within an inch of my life.  End result quite happy looking forward to playing around again, who said you cant be creative? with a little time and patience and plenty of setting lotion!  Another new achievement I can tick off my list.

PS: Hiding face no makeup.

'Create, Be Happy and Value Yourself'

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  1. Why not invest in a set of curling tongs then you can see the results instantly. Looks like you made a good job but too much effort that way!